Video Strategy

The most important thing to do before we start shooting is to identify what the purpose of the video is. Who is our target audience? What do we want them to think, see, feel when they watch this video? Why make this video in the first place?

The strategy behind your video makes sure you get the best return on investment.

If you need help making your business known and you’ve decided on making a video, then get in touch for a conversation!


From scripting to shooting, we will work with you to concept your idea and turn it into a live production. Once we have an script or idea we begin the pre-production. Making schedules, booking crew and talent, sourcing locations and then gathering footage. Our extensive planning ensures we run to time and budget.

We focus on producing and creating TV commercials for business, ongoing social media content, capturing events and creating highlight videos, testimonials, educational videos and case studies.


Every quality production needs clear creative direction to hold together the artistic vision. Set design, costume, hair and make-up, all these facets come together to best express the message. Good creative direction is what will get you seen and help your content stand out.


Once we have gathered all your visuals and the cast and crew have gone home, we then hit the studio. Our editors compile and review all the footage while refining the projects edit style. Sound design is applied, our animators begin to animate and the magic starts to emerge. We do everything from start to finish in our custom built studio, designed to get the best results in both visuals and sound.

That’s our tailored approach to tell your story.