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The team at Crewcible is in lockdown until October 15 due to the current Covid-19 situation in Canberra, Australia.

In the mean time we are offering remote video-editing services and recieving project requests for when lockdown lifts.

You can also visit our blog for movie reviews of what we have been watching during this lockdown period.

Thank you and stay safe!


One thing... STORIES

From epic oral histories to fireside folk tales, to Netflix dramas… humans are insatiable creators and consumers of stories.

Storytelling makes us human.

Our ways of telling stories have evolved from spoken word to pen and paper and now, pixels on screens. Today, over 82% of global internet traffic is video content. Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video compared to 10% when reading it in text.

This visual revolution is changing the way we communicate. Crewcible Studio is Australian video production company. We offer full range video production services based in Canberra and Sydney and Melbourne. We will guide you through this new chapter, ensuring storytelling remains at the heart of everything we create together.

The time has come to tell your story.


Crewcible is a video production company based in Canberra. We service clients of all sizes, including governments, corporations, small-to-medium businesses and individuals. We have clients across Australia and we have video directors that live in Melbourne and Sydney.

We create video productions in the form of TV commercials, branded content, client testimonials, event highlights videos, social media content pools, fashion films, music videos, mini-documentaries, case studies, and short films.

We will work with you to create beautiful, original narrative content. Cross-cultural work is our speciality. We love listening to ideas and will work closely with you to achieve your objectives.

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People look to video to tell stories. Often the story you want to tell may be half-formed – an idea, a sentence, an image, a scent, or maybe simply a feeling. Our team at Crewcible video production can help you uncover that story and express it through unique and music. Our team of writers, videographers, editors, musicians and producers loves to listen, and will work with you to bring your ideas to video. The Crewcible video production team is diverse and cross-cultural engagement is our strength.

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